Chawn Hill Church

Club Details


Stanley Road Playing Fields, DY8 2DN


Steve Knight

Tel No:

07855 267938

First Kit:

Red - Black - Red

Second Kit:


Year Formed:



Division One Champions: 1991, 1992, 1993, 2001, 2006; Division Two Champions: 1994, 2013/14; League Cup Winners: 1991, 1992, 1995, 2000; Kevin Kovacs Memorial Trophy: 2006

Player of the Year:

2015 Curtis Jordan
2014 Elliott Steedman

Top Scorer:

2014/15 Curtis Jordon (13)
2013/14 Danny Knight (13)

Club History:

Chawn Hill Church's history is a little confusing: The church in Stourbridge were one of the founding members of the league back in 1979. And Chawn have always had a side in the league; sometimes two. As with many sides in the league, the original team drifted away from its roots, until in 2012 they had no link with the church. In 2012 the church decided to form a side again, just as the old Chawn Hill FC were finally running out of steam. So this side is kind of new to the League, but not completely. Old names from yesteryear have been banded around as part of the team.

Players  Name
Steve Knight
Lee Bedford
Daniel Knight
Philip Knight
Joseph Smith
Michael Darby
Joseph Parkes
Jason Hadley
Curtis Jordon
Baz Zare
Luke Lonergan
Ian Whittaker
Benjamin Hart
Callum Greene
Ashley Jackson
Daniel Lodge
John Jeavons


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