Corinthians SK

Back Row L to R: James Catlin, Dicky Stanford, Tom Bostock, Dec Rigby, Thomas Bird, Phil Bostock, Chris Goaley, Che O'Connor Front Row L to R: Sean Coughlan, Ste Smith, Tom Pencheon, Riggers, Rob Lechman, Ad Harris

Club Details


Cooksey Lane Playing Fields B44 9QS


Philip Bostock

Tel No:

07857 641318

First Kit:


Second Kit:


Year Formed:



Division Two Runners Up 2013. Jubilee 60 Cup 2012

Player of the Year:

2012 Thomas Puncheon
2011 Chris Morrison
2010 Ash Woodfield
2009 Chris Morrison
2008 Chris Morrison

Top Scorer:

2014/15 Ralph Richardson (16)
2013/14 Che O'Connor (16)
2012 Steve Smith (14)
2011 Che' O'Connor (12)
2010 Sean Stewart (13)
2009 Chris Morrison (15)
2008 Chris Morrison (18)

Club History:

Formed in 2007 by Chris Morrison and a few players who had previously played for Bilston Beacons and West Bromwich Beacons. SK had an indifferent season in which to establish themselves in WMCFL. They came eighth out of twelve in Division Two winning seven of their twenty-two matches. SK's form waxed and waned from hammerings to some very decent performances against tough opposition.

08/09 followed a similar pattern to SK's debut: A promising start followed by a dip in form only for them to get themselves together towards the latter stages. Despite finishing in the bottom three, SK escaped relegation through a combination of factors: West Brom dropping out, the expansion of the league and through their own gutsy performances when they looked like dead certainties for the drop. They remain in Division Two for the season 2009/10.

SK had a great year in 09/10 getting promoted to Division One after finishing third. But immediate relegation followed in 10/11. They weren't bottom though and weren't a mile away from staying up.

11/12 was the year that Corinthians got their hands on silverware, winning the Jubilee 60 Cup (a cup used to bolster the fixture card). They also finished the Division Two campaign in mid-table.



 ben-watts-CorinthiansSK  Ben Watts
Chris-Freeth-CorinthiansSK Chris Freeth
Declan Rigby
Dale-Roberts-CorinthiansSK Dale Roberts
Glen-Davies-CorinthiansSK Glen Davies
James-McEvoy-CorinthiansSK James McEvoy
 mike-hale-CorinthiansSK  Mike Hale
Luke-Ellor-CorinthiansSK Luke Ellor
Michael-Finn-CorinthiansSK Michael Finn
Phil-Bostock-CorinthiansSK Phil Bostock
Richard-Stanford-CorinthiansSK Richard Stanford
 ralp-richardson-CorinthiansSK  Ralph Richardson
Robert-Leachman-CorinthiansSK Robert Leachman
Stephen-Smith-CorinthiansSK Stephen Smith
Thomas-Bostock-CorinthiansSK Thomas Bostock
Thomas-Pencheon-CorinthiansSK Thomas Pencheon
 sean-dunne- CorinthiansSK Sean Dunne
marc-elliot-CorinthiansSK Marc Elliott


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