Dudley Lions

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Coneygre Centre, Sedgley Road East, Tipton. DY4 8UH.


Steve Rose

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07470 407785

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Player of the Year:

2012 Ste Devenport
2011 Kieran Thompson

Top Scorer:

2014/15 Sam Overfield (7)
2013/14 Ryan Cartwright (16)
2012 Ste Devenport (9)
2011 Ant Parke and Matt Thompson (12)

Club History:

The early beginnings of Revival Fires F.C. actually stem from, of all places, Champions Church F.C.

It was there that as manager of the then named Sweet Turf F.C. (later to be named Champions Church) I was blessed to manage the team, that included Shawn Devonport and Tim Bamber, to the West Bromwich And District Christian Football League Championship and the cup final, where we were beaten by Calvary Church. This was, rather unfortunately, our first and only season in the league.

Several years later, I was given the opportunity to help run a community/police organised Friday football evening which put me in touch with, what has turned out to be, most of the current squad of Revival Fires F.C.

After much prayer and consultation with my family, a decision was made to approach the senior leaders of the church with the idea of setting up a team and entering it into the WMCFL. Thankfully, they agreed with my idea and gave us their blessings. There have also been several very generous individuals who have helped fund the start up costs.

The boys are all from the local area and, I can honestly say, are an absolute joy to both manage and be involved with.

The 2010/11 season is our first season, and hopefully we can go from strength to strength as both players and characters.

Steve Rose January 2011.

In 2012 Revival Fires changed their name to Dudley Lions.

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