St Thomas’ Aldridge

Club Details


Streetley Community Centre, Foley Road East, B74 3HR


Steve Helsdon

Tel No:

07813 561875

First Kit:

Yellow/Royal Blue - Yellow - Royal Blue

Second Kit:

Orange - Black - Black

Year Formed:



Division Two Winners 2000, Division Two Runners Up 2008, Division Three Runners Up 2012

Player of the Year:

2015 Josh Merrick
2014 Nathan Helsdon
2013 Ash Hamer
2012 Tommy Wright
2011 Stu Rogers
2010 Rob Wood
2009 -
2008 Mark Hadden
2007 Mark Hadden and John Piggott
2006 Matt Brady

Top Scorer:

2014/15 Thomas Wright (8)
2014 Tommy Wright (18)
2013 Tommy Wright (28)
2012 Tommy Wright (26)
2011 Mark Hadden and Ash Hamer (5)
2010 Mark Hadden (11)
2009 Ashley Thorpe (9)
2008 Mark Hadden (34)
2007 Mark Hadden (20)
2006 Matt Brady (8)

Club History:

St Thomas originally formed back in 1996 and joined the ill-fated Mercian Christian League. When this competition folded, St Thomas moved en-bloc with several other sides, Wolves and Perton included into WMCFL.

Fortnes have been mixed. St Thomas have had a couple spells in Division One where did they alright. Perhaps their best time came around the early part of the century, when they got to a Cup Final, which they narrowly lost and they had several mid-table finishes in Division One.

Sadly 2010 saw them ignominiously drop from Division One and immediately drop into Division Two the following year.

2012 was much much better though, coming a very decent second All Saints, a new side who are clearly on their way through the league. Perhaps the clearest indicator that the good times were back was the plus 35 goal difference that St Thomas achieved this season.

Josh “Mezza” Merrick
Tommy Hoccom
Jamie Hoccom
Connor Beckett
Joe Carter
Jack Fisher
Steve Helsdon
Nathan Helsdon
Jake Lakin
Adam Partridge
Taylor Moore
Tom Fielder
Adam McGee
Luke Helsdon
Mark “Macca” Sherriff
Alex Moore
Shane Tambs
Joseph “Mazza” Moriarty


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