Alpha FC

Honours: League Cup Winners 1993, Division One Winners 1995

Dave Carter says: The team was formed by folk from the Churches in Gornal around 1980 and initially spent several seasons pounding the parks around Wolverhampton in the Wolves Municipal League. In 1992 the decision was made to join the WMCFL and the first season finished with a 1-0 League Cup Final victory against Chawn Hill.

Alpha remained in WMCFL throughout the 1990’s ‘finishing in a variety of positions in the league table before finally calling it a day at the end of the 1999/2000? season.

Ed Walker adds: My time in WMCFL extends as far back as around 1985, when the league was little more than ‘jumpers for goalposts’. I played for the Amblecote team, who seemed to sporadically come and go in the league, whenever they could get anyone to volunteer to organise them. After returning in the mid 90s, there were four sides dominating the league at that time: Chawn Hill, Walsall Olympic, Aldridge Parish and Alpha. Woodgate hadn’t quite hit their stide then but were soon to do so.

I remember playing Alpha on several occasions and a couple of matches in particular. We turned up with a reasonable side, perhaps one that could cope with life in today’s second division, at their Dudley Campus pitch. They just seemed supremely confident, resplendent in their Ajax kit: all white with a broad red stripe down the middle of the shirt. We had a set of emery paper shirts and got everybody to bring their own black shorts and socks. And so the scene was set.

They won 9-0 that day and completely outplayed us in every department. They’d have been a match for any side in the League these days and in my opinion, would walk the league if they entered that team today.

Later on, they began to wane, as all teams do. I think it was perhaps because people slowly drifted away from the side, rather than players getting old. But in a later match, the spark was still there: I recall chasing shadows as the ball was pinged around in Barcelona style. They won that game 3-0. They finished the 2000/1 season listed fourth in Division One.

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