SICM was formed in 2006 as a natural development of the SICM Sevens League, with the vision being to assemble a squad of players from the various registered teams. SICM itself stands for Sedgley International Christian Ministries, which is a Registered Charity (1057488) operating mainly in Africa, with the surplus funds from SICM Sevens going into the work.

But as well as the overseas work, SICM also exists to promote a positive image of Christianity closer to home. With this in mind, the beautiful game has featured very much, with a number of initiatives including a ‘Faith and Football’ presentation involving Stewart Bloor and Dennis Pearce, who has played professionally in the Football League. SICM FC itself aims to shed the idea that the most energetic activity that Christians get involved in is train spotting or stamp collecting!

Information on the league can be found at and SICM itself at

Unfortunately, SICM’s tenure in WMCFL was very brief. They joined the League in September 2006 and disbanded at the end of November. They won one match: a five-four win against St. Boniface.

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