West Bromwich Beacons

Honours: Division Two Runners Up 2005

Potted History: Like a lot of clubs, West Bromwich Beacons went through several phases. I’m not sure who started the club but important people involved with the team are Andy Trigger, Dave Harris, Andy Massey, Alfi Westwood and Derek Dudfield.

West Bromwich Beacons played in the League for about twenty years. The early days were at Greets Green. It was the olden times Lion Farm as plenty of WMCFL clubs used it as their home ground. The team moved to Farley Park, where facilities and the pitch were better about 2003.

In 2005, Derek Dudfield, who had played for the Beacons many years ago, took over at the helm and renamed the team Bilston Beacons. In 2006 Bilston Beacons enjoyed life in their first season in Division One. They had some tough times in 05/06, but fought through and survived by beating Amblecote 1-0 on the last day of the season to retain their Division One status.

After getting relegated at the end of 2007, Bilston saw a mass exodus of players many of whom left to join either St Matthew’s or new team E K Corinthia. The wholesale changes took its toll and they struggled at the begining of the season. Towards the end of the season, things began to improve as the side settled down. West Brom had a mixed year in 2008/9 but eventually fell into the relegation zone and never escaped. There were a number of lads from the Brownhills area that decided to break away and form their own side. After the split at the end of 2007, the people at the helm at the time, Alfi and Trigger decided enough was enough and folded the team.

Jason Jackson writes in May 2009:

Just a little bit about West Bromwich Beacons:I Joined the side in 2000-2001 and played alonside David Broome, Mark Broome, Andy Trigger, Andy Massey, Paul Farmer, Paul Bristow, Terry ,Nigel, Devon Barr and Wayne Boothe. Over the next few seasons we went what could be only called as a transitional period as we finished mainly towards the bottom of the divisons.

Until 2003-2004 we only had a few players who were committed to the cause: Trigger, Massey the Broomes myself included. Then in 2004-2005 we had our best ever season: We reached the final of the Div Two Charity Cup and promotion to Division One. I still remember Andy Massey’s words ringing in my ears “Believe” before the game against St Mary’s before we wend out and snatched a 1-0 win and promotion was secured. Sadly they had their own back beating us 4-2 in the final.

2005-2006 Saw Andy Massey Leave and Dek Dudfield take over and we survived beating Amblecote thanks to a one nil win at Farley Fortress thanks to Dek Dudfield’s finish and a great pass from, if memory serves me correct, oh yes me!

2006-2007 Saw a massive exodus of players joining EK Corinthia and St Matt’s. Before that we had a mixed season finishing second bottom and not getting far in the cups. The main thing we had that season was unity and we carried on for a season with Andy “the Governor” Trigger and Alfi Westwood who I say is the best defender I have played with and a true comitted player.

2007-2008 I didn’t play much in the due to work commitments and Broomey had moved on but Players like Stu Rogers Aida, Ash Hamer had joined making us a newer stronger side. We finished the season in 9th place and feeling pretty strong for the new season.

2008-2009 This is where I jumped ship not because of loyalty but because I wanted a change and from only results and a few texts & calls from Shaun Dale I know they finished third bottom and would have been relegated If they had not have folded.

Credit to Andy Trigger and Alfie and thanks for the support from everyone when I was there. I hope that the league is not without a club as well organsied and run as the Beacons for too long. Keep it up guys and good luck in all you do!

Jason Jackson formally West Bromwich Beacons, Bilston, St Matts.

Derek Dudfield wrote in 2006:

Bilston/West Bromwich Beacons – Formed in 1993, joined the YAC League along with Amblecote, biggest win 12-1 away to Bedworth. Eventually Bilston and Amblecote amalgamated and became Amblecote and Bilston FC and joined the WMCFL. Regular names on the teamsheet included: Andy Pugh, the Mills Squadron, Jason, Simon and Cassius, Andy Conroy, the playmaker Jadon Silva and the 40-yard driver Ed Walker. Bilstons own Dek & John Dudfield, Jim Wilkes some ex convicts and the dark destroyer Roy Martin made up the rest. Biggest wins 9-2 away to Sporting Zion, 8-2 away to Brierley Hill, biggest defeats 9-0 away to Alpha in 97, 9-0 at home to Chawn Hill 98, 9-0 away to Rowley in 2000. Both Bilston and Amblecote parted company and all the hard work finally paid off when Bilston achieved promotion to Division 1. Unfortunately through lack of commitment and funds they were unable to continue. Dek Dudfield went to play for his old club West Brom Beacons and was asked to take on the Manager’s position and took on the new name of Bilston Beacons. The 2004-05 season ended with Bilston getting promotion to Div 1 and also losing finalists in the Charity Cup Final. The 2005-06 season fixture list has kindly put Bilstons first game away to, Guess Who? Amblecote.
BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Scoring both goals in the 2-1 win v Amblecote back in the 1983-84 semi final.
BIGGEST DISSAPPOINTMENT – Not being picked for the final of that year.
BIGGEST AMBITION – To take Bilston out on the Halesowen turf for a cup final.
Dek Dudfield- BBFC

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