Chawn Hill Church 1-3 Zion Athletic

Today we just managed to get a team together with a wedding looming and 2 players having to leave at half time we managed to turn up with 14. I didn’t know what the formation was or where we were finally put the 2 goalkeepers that turned up until 15 mins before kick off. We started comfortably but Chawn did a lot of pressing but having Mike back and Jon Allen at centre backs we held firm and soaked up all pressure, probing and looking like we were going to score. After a period of where we were under some amounting pressure we broke and with a cute link up play with Leon and Ethan, Ethan getting the return ball and placing in the net (after a year this man has had with open heart surgery and unbelievable recovery).
Chawn then pushed hard towards the end of the half with an old friend of mine Curtis Davis trying everything but just didn’t happen. Then again we soaked up the pressure then after a few passes in midfield Kit threaded Leon through (though I personally thought he had done to much after the play opening up for a left footed shot ) Brought it back on his right foot and slotted away in the corner for a first of many for the season. After 2 changes at half time due to the wedding we moved a few players about to keep pressure and keep the ball . Ethan finally was spent on about 55 mins and then our sub was on, then an energetic run from marshy and an old injury meant we played over 30 mins with 10 men. Chawn threw everything at us trying to reduce the deficit then Sam played the ball off their player and the officials gave chawn for a corner, the following pin ball and shoving in our box box led to Chawn scoring and made the game interesting for both teams. We again soaked up pressure but we were confident of everyone man’s ability and tried some good passing in midfield we were again probing then man of the moment Kit who when the ball is at his feet dropped a shoulder and drove up the pitch to thread the energitic Dave to round the keeper and set us home and dry. Although Chawn did try and resolve the score. We’ll done to Zion today with an under strength team in all places.

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