City Church 2-1 Rowley College

I was at graduation this week so my report is second hand via conversations with Mark and an ‘interim report’ from Mike who saw some of it.

Headline is that we were very disappointed to lose having dominated possession for much of the game but, as I’ve already implied we are a little short of ‘strikerage’ with Fowler (Ben not Robbie) still in the states.

Anyway Mike Ibrahim sent this part:

Here is what I saw from about 15 mins in:

Rowley had most of the possession in the remaining 30 minutes of the first half with some good approach play, without seriously threatening the City goal. Towards the end of the half Rowley were given a warning of what was to come when City broke three times in the space of 5 minutes. The first time Lee made a brilliant save when it seemed certain the striker would score. Then, City wasted another good chance sending the ball wide, finally Obi hit the post from a narrow angle. Half time 0-0.

The first five minutes of the second half changed the game. Rowley gave a needless corner away and City scored with a header from this. A couple of minutes later, another well-taken City corner and another goal. Rowley were not out of it and continued to press down the hill. Craig made it 2-1 with a quality finish past Obi who was now in goal. In another break Matt Stanton was injured contesting a loose ball with the keeper and had to go off to receive treatment.

That’s where I left it, about 20 mins gone.

We then continued to lay seige to their goal without success and had Ben Smith sent off for a (perhaps understandably) ‘colourful’ spontaneous response to being kicked full on in the unmentionables.

All the best to City Church.

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