Corinthians SK 3 vs 1 Saint Michael

After HUGE last week win we were to confident and to sure that we can take this win without hard working so Corinthians buried us down.

This game was a copy game of last year loss to Rocketmount United where we are team that creating chance after chance but not the one that score.

If game could be won by chances we would be far ahead. I wrote it before that to win game you have to SCORE!

Game started on time and with really bad weather condition. That gives ball extra speed after bounce and that create a lot of problems between our 4 defenders.

SK played first 20 min really good football and we had some good luck not to loss goal quicker then it happen.

Few great delivery that was hard to clear. Thier wingers work hard left and right and midfielders were doing a lot better then ours on top. Few nice flicks and danger was already in our 16 yards box! Great shoot from right wing that hit post and few more unclear shoots give them boost to keep presure on us.

First goal was an excelent shoot from Philip Bostock from around 20 yards after our defence line could’t clear ball and Robert Zaleski bad position to clear it off when it came out of box.

Philip was in right place with lovly shoot that leaves our goalkeeper without chance to save it! Goal of the game!

That was last time it this half I think where SK was doing any good ball possesion. They start trowing long ball between defance and midfield and that was their recipe on us today as our defence were struggling.

Our first 25 min was good but not enough today. Tomasz Loch few long distance shoot. Kamil Lason and Janusz Cyran had few good runs but without clear chance or stoped by foul. Also long throws in to box give Robert Zaleski to work his high out on his best. But still without ball in net.

Our first and last goal came when Damian Klosowski clear ball on our defence and with that long pass he set Kamil Lason on front of goalkeeper. He took ball to left with one touch and shoot it to empty goal as he left their goalkeeper few yards behind!

Next 15min we push hard to look for 3 points. Robert Zaleski missed 3 chances to score from close range.

Adam Kryspin and Patryk Jasicki were runing up and down trying to set up others. We simple took over control on pitch and we thought we got this game in right direction but SK again open up our defence with one long pass.

This long pass today was our worst nightmare and they use it well. Another long ball in just few minutes before end of first half left us lossing 2:1 on half time as Luke Ellor finished it off!!

BREAK! We chat our strategy and refresh our minds.

This 45 min was a lot better but we were unable to score today. There was so many chances that its hard to count them all and write about every single one. Few good corner kick and shoot on goal that been saved by goalkeeper or hit post or bar. Kamil Lason few kicks gave to their goalkeeper lots to worry about but he manage to put hand in and ball went above bar.

Janusz has some good run in between but thier defence was where they should be and block most of shoots.

Adam Kryspin and Patryk Jasicki were runningn a lot to delivery some balls in to box.

Subs came on pitch and put even more presure on SK already streach defence and midfields.

But that its nothing. SK long ball pass crash our defence again and out of nowhere BANG 3:1 to them. Back to game with 2 goals to run after.

We were really trying and trying so much today but we were simply unable to crash their either defence or goalkeeper. Their center back great ball cut and help to sides gived him man of match from us.

Well done SK!

Better team sometimes loss boys head up! We are back next week!

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