Dudley Lions 3 Saint Michael 3

4th October


One of the best game this season so far. For us was even harder as we came to this game only with 11 players due to others had to be at work or holidays. In first 15 min both them were trying to take over a game but most of that was ending up on good CB who were cleaning all. After that a nightmare started for us. Our left midfielder went down on floor with really bad tackle and he burst with swear. Punished with straight red card and we are 10 mans down and 75 min to go. We took our front man to play on right and we played 4/4/1. There was nothing to loss for us so we try to push a little bit. Adrian run on left and served great ball to Patryk who placed it in far right corner living no chance to goalkeeper. Next 20 min Dudley strike us so many times that we could not leave our 20 yards for good. Ref saved us showing first half end. We could talk and sort a team for next 45 min battle.
Dudley came on in 2nd half with power up and they wanted this game to win but NO! We were better and with 3 good passes and long ball to Robert who marked header and leave it to Adrian on clear position. All he needed is place it right and he done it great 2:0 for us.
But it was far to end and Dudley started attacking with more players delivering ball to box all the time. But our CB was clearing all of. One mistake give Dudley hope when they deliver a ball to far corner and no marked player headed it in 2:1 still for us but game on and Dudley with one extra man + 2 subs came on. Suddenly out of nowhere we strike back and with 3 mans in front we deliver GREAT goal. Patryk played a simple ball to Robert who make a shoot on goal from 25 yards and ball touching a post went in. That was our beast goals this season so far. 3:1 and 20 min to go. 10 mans could not work harder this day and Dudley know it. Last 15 min its all their game and they save 1 point with one lucky goal with was delivery to box but went in without anyone touching it. 3rd one was from corner and 20 mans in box ball was everywhere and sadly for us finaly reach our net. 3:3 Game finished.

One of best game so far this season and I would like to say thank you to all our players for this delivery! Good JOB !!!

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