Dudley Lions 3 vs 1 Saint Michael

After last weeks defeat to Zion City and our loss in the league cup I was hoping that the boys would focus on this game and jump higher in league table.

Dudley Lions who love to play on small and narrow pitches did a great job to stop us from doing them any damage.

The first 45 minutes was one way towards our goal with a great opener from Dudley Lions. 10 minutes in to the game they passed the ball from right defence to left forward with 6 short passes and their striker made a perfect shot to the top right corner that even the net refused to stop the ball. This gave them more confidence and they carried on pushing forward more and more. Some time later they scored one more and I had a feeling that we would fail today badly. They delivered the ball into our box and all our defenders failed to stop the pass then out of nowhere their player put a leg in and we were losing 2-0.

To be honest we only put one shot on their goal in that half. Kamil Lason had a chance to beat their goalkeeper but their goalkeeper was in right place. Our worst 45 minutes so far this season.

This used to be our best weapon and when it’s not working we just lose our focus and game.

We come out after break with a good plan but to make it work we HAVE TO WORK ! While Dudley Lions were battling, our players thought they could win the game by talking. When they scored their 3rd goal the game was already over and there was nothing to lose so 20 mins before the end, 2 subs came on to try make some difference.

15 min before the end we scored a goal and Radek Guterwil was going to be happy, but the referee gave offside against a player that didn’t appear to take any part in the play. Radeks shot was from 11 yards and nobody seemed to move toward the ball which landed in back of net but the referee decided that one of our players who was closer to their goal obstructed the goalkeeper.

This was our wake up call and the Dudley Lions manager shouted to their defence after another attempt landed on the bar from an Adam Kryspin header.

Our first and last goal this morning was when the Dudley defence made a mistake and Kamil Lason showed his speed and with a left foot shot, finished it off giving goalkeeper no chance!

One goal was not enough today against Dudley Lions who played well and they took a well deserved victory.

Well done to both sides for fair game.

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