FC Premier 2008 2-1 Zion Athletic

Just a quick report on our BCFA cup game yesterday. We came up against an AFA divison 1 team who have won every game and sit on top of a league that is of a very high standard (an ex Walsall player and a lad called Chad who spent 8 years at Villa, 4 at Blues, time at Port Vale and Tamworth just a few of the players they had on offer) and with Jal, Jay, Coley, GK ant, spud and Greg missing we feared the worst if truth be told.

However we ended up doing the league proud, in all truth there would have been no argument if we had snatched a draw and came close to doing so. FC Premier were way better with the ball at there feet they knocked it around very well and there pass and move was a joy to watch but we defended fantastically, Mike and Pete had fantastic games in there first games at CB this season and Aaron did well as did Jon in his first start of the season at RB. We absorbed the pressure and looked dangerous on the counter, both Westy and Ethan were spraying things around and beating players and we took the lead when Ethan played Shawn in who beat his man and fired back past the keeper. Again FC Premier kept coming at us but apart from set pieces we felt comfortable first half and went on to hit the post and before they got an equaliser with a great bit of pass and move. We had one more amazing chance before the break, great football by Leon and Aaron and Shawn rounded the keeper before just slipping the ball past a gaping goal, big chance.

Second half and this was the period where we rode our luck. Again it was set pieces and balls into the box that caused problems and our stand-in keeper made some fantastic saves – one with his face – to keep things level. 20 to go and we came back into the game a little. The FC Premier keeper made 2 good saves from one on ones and that proved pivotal as FC Premier got a break: ball came across the box and it was met with a truly fantastic strike to make it 2-1. We still kept going. Leon missed a gilt-edged chance 6 yards out and Shawn missed a late one on one with nearly the last kick of the game. FC Premier were using time wasting techniques and taking the ball into the corner which proves just how worried they were. Their manager admitted that being from the Christian league they expected to win comfortably and were so impressed with the standard that our league must be at to give such a talented side such a run for there money.

But we lost so we move on, Connect sports in the cup next week so we need another big performance!

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