Hawbush 0 Saint Michael 3

29th November

Sad saturday for us. We won but we lost our player for more then month as accident happen 3 minutes before the end.
Kamil Lason was trying to hit low ball with head and he get kicked by Hawbush CB straight in head. Lost conscious for a minute and had to be taken to hospital in result of that.
He stay there for more then 8 hours to be checked and make sure all its fine. We glad to hear that nothing major happen to him and he will be back to play next year. We wish you all the best!!!

Hawbush 0 vs 3 Saint Michael
Goals: Kamil Lason, Patryk Jasicki x2

We known that win in this game will bring us closer to top 4 and we came there only for win. We started strong with a lot of passes and use of our wings in result we had chances but we could not finish them off. While we were trying to score from game we get a free kick 20 yards from goal and Kamil Lason took great shoot with hit left leg placing ball in to left top corner giving us lead in first 45 min. We create good 5 chances from game but none of them were changed to goal.

On next 45 minutes we came out without subs and we keep our game on but there was no sign on good scoring opportunity. 15 minutes in to a game we start bringing out subs to pitch. First right midfield then midfield and left midfield 10 minutes later. That give us new vision to a game and we start creating new chances.
2nd goal came from Patryk Jasicki from a bit of chaos in Hawbush 10yards and we came out to nice 2:0 lead on game. Then Kamil Kral had nice shoot saved by goalkeeper, Lukasz Kaczkarczyk from left side try his chance but all saved by goalkeeper.
And then in few mintues to the end Kamil Lason went on floor after been kicked in head by Hawbush CB. Game was hold for 10-15 min while we try to stop bleeding from Kamil ear and calling for ambulance. We get back to game to finish last 5 min and to put Hawbush down in one of last chance.
Their corner kick almost 18 people in box good clear and Patryk Jasicki run with ball 5 yards in to their half making shoot from 45 yards leaving goalkeeper no chance to get back on time while he was away from goal.
3:0 game finished.

Great win but also big loss of player. Kamil we are looking to see you on pitch soon after you will get back to your best!

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