Living Hope A (2) v (0) A Hawbush

This is just a quick report following our abandoned game on Saturday against Living Hope.
Shortly after the half-time break one of our strikers, Tom ‘Tukka’ Wydle, (left of picture), went over and suffered a horrible looking dislocated knee, the kind of injury you see in the newspapers and you all look away forcing the game to be stopped immediately.
One paramedic attended the scene within 10 minutes, and although Tom’s knee had ‘popped back in’ by the time the main ambulance had arrived the delay already stood at 45 minutes and the referee made the decision to abandon the game as all 3 officials had games to cover in the afternoon and there was just no way we could get the match finished in time.
Tom is out of hospital now and beginning the road to recovery, although it almost certainly means this season is over for him.
Living Hope Church were very gracious given they were leading the game 2-0 at the time and the fact we would have had to play the remainder of the game with 10 men meant they would have certainly claimed all 3 points towards their title challenge.
Playing with the wind in the first half Living Hope put us under lots of pressure although their two-goal lead came courtesy of a penalty kick and a deflected volley so although we were very much under the cosh we felt we were in the game.
Our stand-in goalkeeper Ben Walton produced a great save from Living Hope striker Pete Falconer which would have meant we could have a real go after the break but we will never know how the half would turn out.
I think given our league positions Living Hope will be confident of gaining 6 points in our two league fixtures against them over the next month or two, but for Hawbush we know that if we can somehow get 7 points from our remaining 6 games we can overtake Brierley Hill AOG, Maple Leaf Rovers and possibly St Michaels so that’s our target.

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