Living Hope Church United 2 vs 7 Saint Michael

Just two weeks ago we have had our first game with Living Hope Church in league and we won but week after that we lost to Brierley Hill AOG what put us down a little bit and that was right time for some big changes to keep us in fight for top places.
In last two weeks we gain some new players and we decided to use them and that paid us off a lot and we hope it stay this way for more games.
We start this game in best way possible as in first minute of game we score goal after Mateusz Puzniak took ball to end line and delivery to inside where Janusz Cyran miss it but next to ball was Robert Zaleski who with shoot between defender and goalkeeper place it on back of net.
We did not wait long for next goal when Mateusz Puzniak was served by Janusz Cyran and finish with good shoot leaving goalkeeper with no chance.
As Living Hope Church was still sleeping we strike again Radek Guterwil throw ball to Robert Zaleski who flick it to Janusz Cyran and he passed it to Lukasz Liberadzki and he made shoot what I think was delivery but took goalkeeper by surprise and went above him to net.
Then Tobiasz Cichy added his to board and again served by good playing Janusz Cyran who served almost everybody today.
5th goal was after corner kick and best in that was Lukasz Liberadzki who find himself in best place around to just head it in next to everybody.
First goal to Living Hope came when Mateusz Puzniak was trying to stop their striker and linesman flag it as foul and they change it for goal minute later.
With 5:1 for us in first half we know there can be come back of Living Hope same as two weeks ago so we tried to be careful in what we doing.
They came out with a lot of fire power but were stopped by our defence or Arek Dabrowski who was replacing our two missing goalkeeper.
They score first when Callum Oakshott control ball in 5 yards box that been thrown to him and swing with all our defence on him just to give shoot to far post.
Great goal from great playing lad.
Our counter attack with Janusz Cyran to pass ball to Lukasz Liberadzki who was in better position to score goal and gain his hat trick in his first game was good resound to Living Hope goal earlier on. Then new on pitch Lukasz Kaczmarczyk give chance to Janusz Cyran to score his first and last this morning when he took both defender on him and ball went to Janusz who had just goalkeeper to take and he did it great just to shoot to empty goal.
Final score are great for us as we want to stay close to top 3 and maybe fight for promotion this season!
Thank you to Living Hope Church for game and we see you on pre seasons game in summer!

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