Maple Leaf 3 Saint Michael 1

This game could be won but us easy but after quick 1:0 to us from Adrian shot we thought its gonna be easy and we sat down on our glory.
Maple on the other hand started slowly but after 20 min in game picked their heads up and start playing good football.
They drew level just before the first half ended and pushed us hard in 2nd part of the game.
Our defence did too many mistakes and before we noticed they were winning 3:1.
Was too late to wake up but we tried hard to get back on our fit.
After a Maple player was sent off  there was a chance to at least draw a game. They step back and their CB have done great job this game and he saved Maple from losing goals. We shoot bar, post and pushed but with no result.
Players started to be mad and argue with each other and we lost this game with poor performance.

Great job from Maple for their first win this season!

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