RENEWAL SOLIHULL 2 Saint Michael 2

On this game we had to work a lot harder than before to reach a good final score but we started poorly. We lost a goal first after Renewal worked hard and used well our mistake to come up 1;0 really quick. We were struggling for a good 25 min to keep up with them as they were better organized than us. Before half time we made only a few good chances to score but one of those chances were good finished by Patryk Jasicki who gave us a bit of hope for a good result in this game.
After a little break we came back on to the pitch but once again we were slow and 2nd to everything. Renewal created some good football and after one shot and a deflection from the goalkeeper their player put the ball in to an empty net.
Game turned around in the last 20 min when we started to play better football and starting to be a real danger to Renewal. Several chances for a goal and pushed Renewal players to defend . But from all that we managed to score only once.
Fair score and great play from both team.
I wish good luck to Solihull players in rest of the season and cya soon in rematch.

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