Rowley College 0 Chawn Hill Church 2

February 14th

Congratulations to Chawn today. From pretty much the first kick to pretty much the last they were much more aware of the importance of the game than we were. They came mob armed while we were once again looking to an emergency signing and a bloke slipping out of work (thanks Chris) to get the full complement. We’d been on a good run but losing Olly, Craig and Brad this week didn’t help (particularly Olly whose legs were sorely missed in the middle), however these cannot be excuses: we had enough ability on the day to be competitive. Fact is, the most damnable football cliché applied today: they wanted it more.

It was a scrappy game with both defences usually proving better than both attacks. Lee made two saves (both from Curtis) and their keeper made none, despite our possession and endeavour. The difference, as in most important games, whatever the quality, is in the ‘marginals’. There were goalmouth scrambles at both ends and excellent blocks from committed defences but twice in Chawn’s case they led to someone getting the decisive touch while our best two were cleared off the line. This is not luck, it’s about going the extra yard. We laboured today and the result was a fair one. We did throw it forward second half but even with Hunter and Christie up we got little joy. Special mention to Mark and Chris and Dave and Clive who all put it all in to no avail! Doing it the hard way starts with St Mary’s!

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