Saint Michael 0 vs 1 ST Thomas’ Aldridge

30th January

Hello everybody.
Saturday game has been lost after good game but unable to produce any goals. We start this game with couple changes to our first team and with good 3 subs ready to go in any time they need to be on.
First 45 minutes was mostly played on middle of the pitch as we straggle to put good 3-5 passes that reach others. Poor passing gives us bad ball possession so most of our attempt was ended up before 20 yard. Our left and right defenders was also struggling today with this so we were unable to start short or drive ball to wingers. A lot of misjudged pass and dribbling in between St Thoas’ Aldridge players was ended up with losing ball by ball and to build up anything good we had to work more and more still without result. St Thomas’ Aldrige has create some danger to our goalkeeper but he saved it or they miss their chances from corners.
Our chances was mostly saved by goalkeeper as shot was unprepared or weak that give goalkeeper no work at all to save it.

Second half we started a bit different. Kuba Wieczorek start as centre midfield pushed Robert Zaleski to upfront and Patryk Jasicki become winger. This was not bad move as 10 min in to game we create our best chance but Robert Zaleski blow it up. He was set up to open space by midfielder he took goalkeeper on full speed and make poor shoot that was saved by defender who was running back to support own goal. 65 minutes in to game we bring our first subs but first 10 mintues Tobiasz Cichy was not used at all by other players and he was struggling to show anything.
Then we took off Robert Zaleski and Arek Dabrowski goes upfront to fight for some goals but luck of chances he couldn’t produce any.
Also we took out Patryk Jasicki and replaced him with Adrian Milowski who bring some good fight at middle but making unprepared shoot 30 yard away from goals give us nothing then disappointment.
Once we took of Patryk Jasicki other players start using Tobiasz Cichy on other wind and we have had few good runs on this side but without good final pass or enough pass to give chance to other to have a go for goal.
We were pushing them all over to find this last breath and win this they come up with something most unpredictable. As they clear ball in to our 35 yard Marcin Galuszka run from goal to clear it off and Michal Proszek went on same ball with lack off communication ball went above them and next to that ball was runner from St Thomas’ Aldridge who place it to empty goal and produce winner goal 1 minute before the end. In y eyes, not a fair loss, but that’s football!

Heads up boys we still fighting for point.

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