Saint Michael 1 vs 1 Maple Leaf Rovers QMC

On Saturday we host leader in division 2 Maple Leaf Rovers QMC.

Great weather and great numbers of players show up from both teams.

First 15 minutes did not bring a lot to any of side. Most of our playing was stopped by good Maple Leaf defence or we were poor with last pass and Maple Leaf been stopped firmly by us.

First chance to score goal starts on right side where Radek Guterwil exchange few passes with midfield and delivery ball in to box. Ball passes all defence and landed 5 yards from goal where Pawel Graczyk was trying to place his leg but ball went in between his legs and next to post.

Similar chance with good working wingers and midfield came when Patryk Jasicki delivery ball from end line in to box and Robert Zaleski missed his great opportunity to give lead to Saints.

Robert has one more chance when great pass from midfield find him on open space but with poor shoot or I would call it back pass to goalkeeper give no problem to him to safe it.

Many shoots from our side area did not make any danger to any goalkeeper and several corner kick cleared well by each side.

Another great shoot went just right above bar when Kamil Lason chest back ball to Robert Zaleski who put all power in to shoot but lucky to Maple Leaf not in to goal.

First half finished with goalless draw and team gone for break.

After break both team were playing same for good 10-15 min but after that Maple Leaf took over control on pitch. Few more missed chance from Saints did not encourage Maple to play good.

With excelent drive pass from right wing in to middle passing few our defenders Gareth Bolton left leg shoot in to left top corner given no chance to Marcin Galuszka who was playing good game and they got open goal!

That give them extra power and Maple create few more great chance and they could finish this game off but stop only by great playing Marcin Galuszka who saved all what Maple could do.

That give us chance to get back to game and try score and we try a lot.

Robert Zaleski again had his chance when Maple defender made mistake with controlling ball 20 yard from goal and Robert was first to it and missed goal by yard.

Then Janusz Cyran had his when Robert Zaleski head ball in to area and Janusz chest it in to box and pulled down by defender made shoot but saved by Maple goalkeeper. When we though it’s corner kick linesman rise his flag and called referee. After talk referee given penalty kick to us for pulling Janusz shirt while he was in great chance!

Arek Dabrowski place ball on spot and with low shoot in to left beat Maple goalkeeper and given us hope for win!

With draw on clock and teams want to win there is always some fight and 10 minutes before the end Adrian Milowski after another tackle of Maple Leaf player seen 2nd yellow and red in result.

Draw holds to the end and both team share points and gone home!

Thanks to Maple Leaf players for lovely game!

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