Saint Michael 1 vs 1 Sandwell United


On saturday morning we host Sandwell United. Lovly weather and great atmosphere also great team of referee’s that join us.

Game started and Sandwell put a lot of presure on our left back where they had a winger who was out runing our left back. First chance for them came from that side but was cleared by center back but again cleared bad and ball bounced out side area and only bad shot saved us from lossing goal.

Sandwell did not stop and on next opportunity they scored but again LUCKY for us and linesman flag came upto save us. It was big warning for us that again we are playing bad on defence and it will cost us later.

We wake up a little bit and with our first chance we score goal. Ball was passed to right wing who took it closer to goal and delivered it right in to 8 yard where Robert Zaleski was waiting for it but he left ball pass through his legs to better placed Michal Rozalski who shot close to near side post and all goalkeeper could do it’s take ball from net.

All the presure went down and game become more balanced.

Both team having their chances but only Sandwell were able to score goal in first half from that. Another bad clearance from defence and Sandwell were first to get to ball with clean shoot to far post and ball bounced of post to net.

First half has finished with draw and after break both teams went for all.

Battle to begin !

This was one of more exciting 45 min as both team were doing everything to score and grap 3 point. Most of Sandwell good chances has come from great playing that day left wing. He was pushing all the time and we were struggle to control him.

Few good Sandwell corner kick missed target by inch and one was headed by Michal Proszek right from line.

On other end Janusz Cyran hit post in one on one chance. Radek Guterwill shot was stoped on line by defender and many more chances that miss target.

Draw I can say is lucky for us as Sandwell score 2 goals with one that was dissmised by lineman and we hit net once. Draw is more likly score between our team every time we meet I think it’s 3rd or 4th close game if we count friendlies!

Good Luck to Sandwell in league and we’ll meet in rematch!!

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