Saint Michael 1 vs 1 Selly Oak Methodist

We host this game to good Selly Oak side who always play nice football and it’s hard to win any ball with them.
But we wanted a points so we start strong and we keep pressure on them as much as it was possible.
We create several good chances in this half but no body was able to bet either good defence or great goalkeeper.
Best chances in this half came from Patryk Jasicki who was one on one with goalkeeper but he fail on the end.
Apart from Patryk other couldn’t do any better Janusz Cyran, Robert Zaleski, Kuba Wieczorek or even long shots from Pawel Graczyk did not end up on back of the net.
Selly Oak did not create much problems to our defence in first half but they manage to put one on back of net with strike from 35 yards. Well that was more like delivery ball to box but on the end it bounced on 7 yards and went past everyone to land up in left top corner to full surprised Pawel Jarosz who was a bit unemployed in first half. With this lucky goal Selly Oak came back to game with a lot more courage and they took over power on pitch.
It’s hard to pick up game after lost goal and they took advantage. First half finished without any more goals.

On break we talk a bit how we can come back to this and fight back but when we started we couldn’t put it all together.
With good playing Selly Oak we struggle to find our chances and they just come with few where they could finish the game off but great saves from Pawel Jarosz keep us alive in game for at least point. Our chance come when Janusz Cyran received great backk from Tobiasz Cichy who was taking part of counter attack and with a bit of luck he shoot it bellow bar and goalkeeper had to take ball from back of net.
With draw on score board both team start to open up a lot more and both side could win this but none of team produce enough.

Fair draw and share points. Good luck to them for rest of the season and we see you guys next year!

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