Saint Michael 1 Wednesbury Baptist 1

We started this season with several new players some of them started a game in first team.
Was great weather and good atmosphere in team. In our previous game against opponents we scored only once and we never won. Even in pre season game we lost 0:3.

First whistle and go. We pushed forward. Couple good passes and we won free kick on edge of the penalty area.
Patryk Jasicki took the ball and placed it in right top corner of goal giving no chance to the goalkeeper.
Great start and a bit off pressure came off from our head.
First 30 min Wednesbury could find any recipe to drew but we started to loss more and more ground.
As they pushed more and more doing more damage to us we were start doing silly mistakes.
15 min before the end we lost first goal but luckily for us it was off side.
But it did not stop Wednesbury from coming back and score. They took their chance in first half while we were playing without confidence. 45 min and 1:1.

2nd half was better for Wednesbury as they push and push forward. We were lucky to hold them up for next 45 min.
In that 2nd half our chances came only from counter attack. 4 or 5 max.

Thank you for both teams for good game.

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