Saint Michael 2 Corinthians SK 0

15th November

With Corinthians SK we meet first time and we were aware they are better then us with more experience.
SK started with confidence and played really nice football but our goalkeeper and CB stop them from scoring any goal in first 45 minutes.
They create good few chances in first 45 minutes. On other end of pitches we create maybe two really good scoring chances but not able to finish them off. First half finished 0:0.

2nd started again better for SK as they pushed Saints a bit and they get penalty with was horrible missed.
Our big problem on this game was focus on game more and stop looking at referee. After they player been sent off we calm down a bit and we starting to create more chances and one of them bring us closer to win. When Tomasz Loch open Robert Zaleski with great pass leaving no chance to SK goalkeeper.
2:0 came just before the end when Pawel Smigielski make a shoot saved by keeper and Lukasz Olbrys tapped in to empty goal.

We won a game but SK was better side this Saturday and they should have it but football is not about who is better its about who score a goals a bit harsh but true. I hope for a good rematch.

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