Saint Michael 2 vs 1 Dudley Lions

23rd January

Welcome back !!

Winter was full of rain and most of league games has been called off every week. 4 weeks break from football is usually bad for any team but also every player is hungry for play.
We were pleased to hear that game will be played and we came in good numbers and also few extra players came down to support us.

After good warm up set up by Pawel Smigielski we start up strong and we took control over the whole pitch. Our today football was a football I would love to see every week. Ball was going from player to player making Dudley Lions run a lot. Marcin Galuszka always took his time to drag their player in for extra 20 yards run. Short passes and great ball possession give us 1:0.
All started on our half a after 10-15 passes ball been delivered by Michal Rozalski in between 2 center back to Robert Zaleski who control ball on 11 yards and lob goalkeeper.
That give us extra boost and we carry on with this great football this day. Sadly we couldn’t fix more goals out of it.

This was first game where we just went for break to grab water as there was nothing to talk about.
All we could do it’s just carry on with what we done first half.

We start last 45 minutes not bad but not as good as first half. Also with Dudley Lions back to field with stronger football. 15 min in to that half Dudley Lions create some good chances but they didn’t finished them off and that was punished by us on other end when Patryk Jasicki break from left wing in to middle and with open pass to Janusz Cyran give him perfect chance on front of goalkeeper. Janusz put goalkeeper on floor and shoot to empty goal.
10 minutes later Dudley Lions find back of net. They won free kick 30 yard from goal on left side and they delivery ball in to far post where 4 of their players break thru and first to ball finished it off.
This was our bad line movement and we have been punished straight away.
They push more players in to middle and start playing 3-5-2 and that gives us change on counter strikes. Few of them should be finished by Arek Dabrowski but he was unlucky this morning and when finally he scored 3rd goal for us linesman show off side position.

Excellent football overall and well deserved win and 3 point. Keep working boys!!

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