Saint Michael 2 vs 4 Brierley Hill A.O.G

Our first half performance was really poor as we struggle to clear ball and each time Brierley Hill ¬†shot they score. Even delivery from corner kick has land on far post top corner and with that much luck we simple couldn’t do much about it.
Before Brierley Hill start scoring we have had few chances with Patryk Jasicki shot landed on post and couple more shots saved by goalkeeper. Also we were strong only on counter attacks.
We would like to forget about this 45 minutes so lets go straight to second half where we actually pick up game and we were able to do small come back.

We came out to second hald with 0:4 on board and there was not much to lose, we just put all on one card and with 2 new centre midfield we start playing better football.
Our first goal was scored by Mateusz Puzniak who finish small flick ball from Robert Zaleski with excellent header and there was hope that we can get back.
Not long after that Pawel Graczyk could score but great save from goalkeeper and ball went out on tips of his fingers.
When Janusz Cyran was trying to go pass defenders they foul him and our chance to score goal came even closer. Patryk Jasicki place ball 20 yards from goal and with superb shoot he give no chance to goalkeeper.
With 2 goals already on and 20 minutes to end we push and push a lot but great defending and first class goalkeeper gave us no chance to find more goal this morning.

Great to Brierley Hill for win but we will do our best to get back those point when we visit them at South Road.

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