Saint Michael 3 Sandwell United 2

Game started for us great again from 2 good chances we scored once when Adrian over run left side and delivered a great ball on 6 yard and Robert tap it in. We were sharp on back and good team play in middle. Also our strikers were a lot faster than Sandwell. First 45 show that we could be winning a lot more but to do that we need to hit the net. 20+ corner kick and several free kick ended up with no danger to Sandwell.

When we go out after break we started to be a bit sleepy and then from no where Sandwell created chances on left side and after a shot both players run after a ball and one of our CB pushed him to ground ref showed penalty. There was great finish on that and game on again.
10 min later Sandwell player been sent off and 10 man Sandwell did not put their heads down they push it even harder what paid them off and after corner kick they headed it in to a net. 1:2 for them.
There was nothing to lose and we needed to pick this game up. With good play and hard working we made it. First chance came up when Tomasz made a shot that hit the bar but Robert went after that and scored for a draw. 1 point saved but we wanted 3 so we pushed more and more. 2 more goals came up from Robert but linesman showed flag up and both of them been canceled.
Next good chance came from free kick and our best free kick player took a ball and done his job. Shot went above wall and went in to bottom right corner! 3:2 VICTORY! Hard game! Well done to Sandwell for great game!

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