Saint Michael 3 vs 3 Zion City

12th March

As we host current leader today and one of best teams in our division we rebuild our lines and we play with 4-1-4-1 with that extra man in middle and only one striker. I can say it’s work out good but we fail to secure full 3 point as 2 of our players get injury.

First half started with a lot of good passing from Zion City but without any good final pass while we focus on protect our lines and play with quick counter attacks. That pays us off 15 minutes in to a game when Patryk Jasicki find him self 18 yards from goal with one defender on his winning one on one and then beat goalkeeper to his near post. Lovely start and pressure goes down a bit.
Zion City played this game really well with good 2 center midfielders that run all their game.
Unluckily to find a way to score goal they slowly becoming nervous and argue with each other.
Around 25 minutes we lost Patryk Jasicki to his injury twisted ankle.
While we create few more chances and with extra help from them we manage to score again.
Kamil Lason was trying to pass ball across 8 yards and defender cut this pass unlucky for him he change direction of this pass and place it across goalkeeper in to net. Great 2:0 lead and a break.

Few minutes after we come back to play we lost another player as Janusz Cyran had a problems with running as his legs starts hurting without reason. This was our second sub without our intention to them them so quick.
Zion City come out to this half danger and they start to create more trouble to our defense.
With a little bit of luck they manage to get one goal back and game become tighter.
We respond to that really quick as Tobiasz Cichy find him self on far post when Pawel Smigielski delivery ball in to box and again we got our 2 goals cushion.
As time was coming in to end Zion City force us back and find a way to come back closer to us.
Corner kick been played low in to 18 yard where their no.10 Amrik control ball and drive it in to box and shoot between everyone. From now game become really nervous.
Just before the end Zion City has won penalty kick out of nothing. With good low shoot in to left bottom they won 1 point with last whistle of the game as we lost 2 point!

From 2 league game with Zion City we got 4 points! As they going up this year I wish them all the best in division 1! We might see there too as we still fighting for points.

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