Saint Michael 5 Pye Green Towers 1

1st November


What a lovely weather we have this time off year. Spending morning on football priceless.
Both teams show up today to fight for 3 point but Pye Green Towers had small problems from start. They came on only with 10 players.
They try hard to overtake this disadvantage but we did not let them grab anything.
Our opener came from good 3 pass counter attack and Pawel Smigielski showed some good skill and put a ball above goalkeeper who was trying to cut this pass on on corner of 16 yard box.
Next chance came on really quick but Kamil Lason try to shoot with his weaker leg and shoot was saved by goalkeeper.
He did not give up and keep runing left to right and scored great top left corner goal from left side of 16 yards box.
2:0 up and we know it nothing can really happen to us today. Next goal and also from Kamil Lason came when low cross came in to box and he just tap it with his big toe leaving no chance to safe. First half finished without much of Pye Green Towers effort.
First 30 min of 2nd half we been pushing Pye to the limit but we manage to score only 2 goals as thier CB were playing good game and save alot. Both of goals also from Kamil Lason and he ended up with 4 goals this morning.
But last 15 min it is a Pye Green Tower push for everything. They showed that we got weakness if they play hard and run more.
We could not leave our half and our defanders lost control on pitch. 1 goals deserved.

With full team Pye Green Towers that would be alot better football but it was not thier day. I hope they resolve thier problems and they back with full team for next game. Good Job guys.

On the other hand few of Saint Michael players need to learn to not cry on pitch so much. This is football and its contact game!

I did not have a chance to write report from Zion City and Monyhull as I was sorting family problems in Poland. Both games we have lost one by not having kits and one lost with great playing Monyhull.

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