Saint Michael 6 vs 3 Living Hope Church

Thanks to Living Hope players to show us how team should work even when defeated. They spent good 15 minutes after game running and talking as team should do!

There was only two league games this weekend and that give us chance to get back to fight for good place in league as we were one game less then most of team. We took that chance straight in first half what finished 5:0 for us and we simple dominate all around!
First goal scored by Patryk Jasicki was a long pass from Arek Dabrowski to Robert Zaleski but ball was placed a bit to high and luckily for us to their centre back. First to that ball was Patryk who shoot in middle of goal but right below bar and goalkeeper could not save it.
Patryk Jasicki was in good shape and he fallow his good day and next goal was in big part his great delivery in to box from corner kick where mix of players could not score or clear it but Kamil Lason find him self back to goal and tap it to Arek Dabrowski who finished it off from short range!
We have had many free kicks close to goal this Saturday and Pawel Graczyk scored from one of this chance when he shoot low strong ball towards goal and small deflection from wall help him out to place it on back of a net.
Next goal scored by Janusz Cyran was also Patryk Jasicki great pass to open space and Janusz give no chance to goalkeeper placing ball to far left corner.
Fifth goal was tap to empty goal by Robert Zaleski to make sure it’s in but to be honest if he did not it would probably goes in. When Patryk Jasicki was taking free kick ball deflect again from wall and were going between all to far post and Robert just jump from to tap it in.
Great 5:0 first half has finished!

We did not bring any subs on and we carry on trying to score more but defence of Living Hope get back to shape and goalkeeper saves some of good shoots!
While we were trying Living Hope pick up game and they scored their first goal 5 minutes in to second half and 10 minutes later another one and they pick up good spirit to force us to defence and start to be more worried about what happening around.
Our respond was again from free kick and this time Kamil Lason was delivering ball to far post on tall Robert Zaleski but it’s Arek Dabrowski who took all glory this time and with dive header he beat goalkeeper and scored his second goal this morning what is great for our centre back!
With 6:2 on board we introduce our new players to Saturday football that they could grab some valid experience. Kuba Wieczorek who played with us few games last season and fresh blood Tobiasz Cichy who came to England 2 month ago came in to play.

With both team trying to score some more goals game was more open and there could be a lot more in but only Callum Oakshott was able to finish with great calm precision shoot that give no chance to out goalkeeper.

Last on pitch was Lukasz Kaczmarek our super sub who came in 15 minutes before end to try his best to score and he could be on score sheet if Patryk Jasicki seen him while he was taking his shoot what was save by goalkeeper.
First half was our but second definitely taken by Living Hope final score to us but we have to work out more about our performance! Thanks and cya next week.

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