Saint Michael 9 vs 2 Hawbush

First game is always most important and also game that everybody waiting for so long!
Welcome back to all after this long summer break!

Let’s start from beginning. First 15 min were a bit sloppy. Both side were checking each other defence with long passes and there was not much ball control for each side. Morning goal score list has been open by Janusz Cyran who manage to pass defence and goalkeeper and place it in. From that moment we started taking control. Janusz next raid in to goal area and one touch and he is landing on floor with the referee awarding a penalty to us! Arek Dabrowski converted the penalty. 15min before the end of first half Hawbush lost their striker due to a leg injury. That gave our defence less presure as he was doing a great job heading and flick ons. We created some nice chances but none of them were finished off!

Last 45 min to hold win or push it to max. What happen next was one way show. Kamil Lasoń and Patryk Jasicki took control of goals and assist. Great play from our wing man Patryk give a great chance to others to score. First he set Kamil Lasoń to score his first this morning with excelent pass to 16 yard box and all Kamil had to do it just put it in. Next goal it’s again Patryk Jasicki assist with long delivery in to box where ball passes all defence and last person to got in to it was Robert Zaleski who jump from behind and put it on back of net. 4:0 and we still pushing forward making Hawbush defence to work harder and harder. In one of this attacks their centre back cleared ball but unlucky for him he sustain an injury. What was clearly a bad moment to them. With already 2 players down to injury they could not stop us from scoring more and more. 5th one was scored by Janusz Cyran who was great that morning and he deserved a Player of Match award but shortly after scoring his 2nd goal he ask for change due to muscle pain. While we were on a goal spree 2 more subs came on to push Hawbush even harder and 6th goal was scored from one of them. Adam Kryspin been set by other player giving him lots of space and time to score. When we were up 6:0 we start playing a bit silly and we did not finish good chances to keep score even higher. Then our right back Wojtek Mikolajczyk who was doing good today raid his wing and delivery or even shoot was really hard ball to control and defender make mistake and ball landed in net. Last 2 goals from Kamil Lasoń who was on good run today gave him his hat-trick in first game. We hope he stay in this mode for longer! Meanwhile Hawbush scored 2 goals with one long range shot and one where our defence were on holiday in the Hawbush area!

Simon, (from Hawbush ), I wish you quick recovery from this injury!

Well done to whole team on this great start of season! We are geting ready for next game away to Corinthians SK.

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