Selly Oak Methodist 1 Saint Michael 1

22nd November

This week we went to Bournville to meet Selly Oak there. Our last visit there in league cup last year finished 4:1 to us and we wanted to copy that again.

In first 45 minutes we were giving their goalkeeper a lot of work. Lukasz Olbrys was running along right side delivery balls and doing shoots but with no goals. Patryk Jasicki working hard on left giving some good chances but still without ball in net.
In other end Selly Oak made 2 good chances in first half both stopped by our goalkeeper who was replacing our main 2 goalkeepers as they are away. Patryk Jaworski mainly our right back been doing good in this role. Big problem to Selly Oak was that they lost player in first half due to red card but they keep them self strong.

In next 45 min we still keep Sally Oak under pressure but they opened up the game with a goal when one of their player been pushed on back in 18 yards box. The resulting penalty was almost saved by Patryk! We did not give up. 3 subs came on and we carry on working hard for good score.
We create more then 10 good chances to score but only one was placed in right place and from all that effort we bring only one point to home. Sub Kamil Lason find himself in right place and tap ball to empty goal after pass from Robert Zaleski in 6 yard box.

We expected more but at least we got a point!

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