Selly Oak Methodist 2 vs 1 Saint Michael




Thanks for great contact to Robert O’Neil who contact few times and even on Saturday 3 hours before game to confirm that game is on.

Weather did not stop us from playing and we start short after a minute of silence. Both team show good skills and come up with some good chances. 20 minutes in to game weather changed and heavy rain with cold wind give players less ball control and extra spin while ball touch ground. Referee wanted to stop game but both captain disagree and we carry on. This game could be won by us but we were unable to finish our chances. Selly Oak on other end were stopped by excellent performance of Marcin Galuszka who stopped some great shoot with incredible saves.

Selly Oak has control ground for a while what pays them of with great finish and 1:0 lead also they were first to score again and make a comfort cushion 2 goal lead.

As we wake up in last 20 minutes with 3 subs came on pitch that was a bit to late also we still were unable to score from game but Janusz Cyran find him self run quicker for ball and late tackle of goalkeeper referee show spot. Arek Dabrowski put ball down and score goal but gealkeeper had ball on his gloves but shoot was to strong to save it.

Last 10 minutes we pushed Selly Oak but we fail to score more goals.

Praise to Selly Oak for great game! We will take it back at home!

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