Sheldon Community Church 2 Zion Athletic 8

Brief reflections of an appreciative spectator! (Edit: Pete Bennet, from Rowley College but I agree with his report, Neil Kovacs)

What a cracking game! I think I’ve seen most of the previous twenty one finals (back to Alpha’s win in 1993) and I can’t remember a better game (a sweeter one, of course when we won it!)! What the scoreline will conceal is the massive contribution made by Sheldon (who had gone ‘yonks and ages’ unbeaten) who were very much in it until late in the second half. Two excellent saves at 2-1 and 3-1 by Zion’s keeper kept the momentum Zion’s way and after three consecutive defeats their resolve was palpable. Commiserations to Lyndon and his lads, they were quite simply outgunned by a devastating display of finishing. Leon’s hat trick offered three goal of the season entries but there were no scrappy goals: Sheldon too managed two real good quality headers. Of course we all know about Shawn: he knows where the goals are. This was a high quality game, proving the quality of WMCFL and the value of a proper Cup Competition with a proper Final Venue. The crowd were terrific tonight, adding immensely to the occasion: raucous and good-humoured. Congratulations to Zion and Jallen in particular: you deserve it mate!

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