St Marys 3 Rowley 0

We have started our 24th competitive season (today was our 557th match!) with our statistically poorest ever run: no goals yet scored and today we couldn’t even manage to win the toss! However, one advantage of having such a tradition to look back on is that it does offer a proper sense of proportion and perspective and despite results we really haven’t been that bad (I’ve seen much worse). We’re simply well short of our strongest team at the moment and these things happen (not usually this early) and they have to be endured. Today we needed to make three emergency signing to put eleven out to start, including a mate of Mark’s who was literally making up the numbers (as Lee was called into work and couldn’t make it until half time. The other two were part hopefully of the return of ‘the cavalry’ with Ben Fowler returning from the US and wmcfl ‘notable’ Jamie Hunter returning to the fold.

Jamie and Ben both had good returns today but they were up against the best defence in the league (in fact by the surest measure, the best team) and found the St Marys back line led by Myatt and the excellent Shaun Green impregnable. Meanwhile urged on by Coleman they were playing their usual fluent football up the hill (both teams did better uphill today). They were significantly the better team first half (though we were always in the game) and won the game in a crazy ten minutes (our current ‘bad habit’). After a steady start we were the architects of our own misfortune. Firstly the unlucky Ben Fowler flicked a Coleman cross over his own keeper, then shocking defending from a corner gave them a second and we were rocking. We need a period of consolidation instead we got to watch a ‘worldie’ from their lad: 25 yarder top corner!

Lee came on at half time and the game became closer and more competitive but they’d done their work and it was largely about our thwarted attempts to deliver some real pressure (Hunter’s throws are still a considerable weapon). However we did Ok and I’m still hopeful that we can have a decent season. That must start next week with a showdown with equally pointless Zion Athletic!

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