Zion City 3 vs 5 Saint Michael


Games with Zion City are always games that comes with a lot of fight for each yard of pitch. Our Thursday team sheet was ready and all players informed and I thought we are ready to go there but Friday is worst day to me when players sadly drop off and I have to dig in to young players or who can play and also contact them while working. I lost Lukasz Kosmider ( center back ), Michal Proszek ( left back ), Adam Kryspin ( forward ), Marcin Galuszka ( goalkeeper ) and Michal Rozalski ( right wing ). From 23 players I have signed for the league, 13 show up 1 hour before game. I asked my centre back from my Sunday team Piotr Cyran to be sub and emergency signed him so that I can have full team in case of any injury.

We started really well, Janusz Cyran over ran their defender and he was about to delivery ball in to box when he got tackled and the linesman flagged for a foul. The free kick was from the right side, 17 yards from goal and a great oportunity to send our high tower Robert Zaleski towards the goal. Patryk Jasicki took this free kick perfectly and Robert, free from the defender that was after him, headed in from 6 yards. It was less than 5 mins of game. A few mins later we score our 2nd goal when Janusz Cyran ran between defenders, got a perfect ball from midfield and lobbed the goalkeeper only to hear the whistle for offside and the goal was cancelled. We did create more good chances but Zion City woke up also and start doing what they do best. Zion City took control over midfield and that give them more space to delivery great balls left and right. One of those great chances was finished by them and half an hour in to the game we were drawing 1-1.

Next goal was out of nothing when Adrian Milowski controlled the ball around 35 yards straight from goal and what was supposed to be a cross, went in off the back of the goalkeepers hands in to the goal. 2-1 for us.

Also this time Zion City did not stop their game and great ball possesion. They came back in to the game again with nice ball pass and game on again 2-2 !

Right before the end of the first half we managed to come up front and with few short passes on the right side, Robert Zaleski set up Tomasz Loch whose left foot perfectly shot in to the top left corner. Great goal that gives up 3-2 in to break.

In 2nd half both teams keep playing really good football and probably it was great for watching to our supporters as we found our self again on top when Patryk Jasicki passed to Robert Zaleski and he ran on full speed and left him right on front of the goalkeeper who was trying to block his run but he managed to left foot it in to the far post and the ball hit the net. 4-2 for us !

We started doing subs and we changed our midfielders and one striker. 30 min was good time for them to settle in to game with good score on top.

4-3 and Zion City back on with more and more chances. They pushed us back and all we could best do at that time was to clear the ball away from our goal. When we thought they will draw again, Kamil Lason did something amazing. His one touch control from a long ball ( still on our half ) from our defence to side line and out ran all Zion City defence just to score, 5th goal for us!! This was good 60 yards run by him that gave us more time to hold on to win with 2 goals ahead !

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