Zion City 4 vs 3 Saint Michael

Two week ago we struggled a lot with finding players to play but this week was even worse as we had to dig even deeper in reserve to be able to have 14 players. One of the subs is our other goalkeeper and the other is an 18 year old who just doing his first steps in to football. Last was our well known Lukasz Kaczmarczyk who we call “super sub” he is always there to help us. I was hoping that the 11 players would not get any injuries.

Game started and we saw Zion City were ready more then ever for this game, after they lost the league game to us. First 10 min was constantly attack from them on left and right and they were simply everywhere. But Zion City were unable to score a goal which was slowly giving us more space and that is where we were starting to cause them more danger. A long ball dropped over the back of their defence giving us at least corner kick. Patryk Jasicki grabbed the ball quickly and delivered it as fast as he could before players from Zion City were ready to stop it and ball placed yard from goal line was found by Janusz Cyran who just headed it in. It was only one of few our chances.  One more chance came when Patryk Jasicki found himself in front of goalkeeper, he had a great shot over the goalkeeper but hit the bar.

At the other end Zion City were doing great job but they were unable to find the net and when the referees whistle went at the end of the first half we were winning 1-0.

After a quick break, we started the next 45 min but game did not change much.

Good 10 minutes in to 2nd half home team were pushing our defence to the limit and they played the ball to our goalkeeper who controlled it but then made a mistake. As he tried to pass player that was running at him he lost the ball and Zion City received a gift goal from us.

This was an extra boost for them and they put even more and more presure onto our defence. They wanted to win this game so much that we could see it in every square of pitch.

As we play only a shadow to them and they was in more ball possesion then we so they create lots of chances. Their goal come from free kick. Ball been delivery in to 5-8 yards and with great flick it passed everyone and went it to the far corner.

5 min later we gave them another gift when our defender was too late to the ball and he forced their player to the ground so referee whistled for a penalty and with clear shot to right we’re lossing 3-1 with just 25 min of 2nd half to go.

We had had to change something to get back so we used our only sub that we could this day and we changed our position a little bit and we hoped that it will work out.

YES! It did work out as few min after that we scored a goal with a delivery to the back post and there was Pawel Graczyk who had moved from left defence to the right wing and with a clear shoot he grabbed his chance.

That was when we woke up and our players were well motivated to push Zion City back to defence. Few more chances did not give us goal straight away but gave our back a bit more time to regenerate.

With more chances to score there need to be a goal at some point and yes we found ourselves with the chance to level a game 10 min before the end when Patryk Jasicki passed the perfect ball between Zion City’s defensive line and Kamil Lason ran to the empty space to find himself on front of goalkeeper where he beat him with nice shoot.

Nervous last 10 min was better played by Zion City and they found the winning goal a few mins before the end when one of their players had been left alone and with powerfull shoot he score to place us out from cup.

Great game! Well done for both teams for this lovely 4-3 game.

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