Please be advised that due to the continued health risks regarding Covid – 19, the Management Committee have made the decision that all fixtures will now be postponed for this season. All Club Secretaries were notified of this decision on the 19th March, 2020 and the reasons for making this decision were explained to them. As per the League Rule Book, all results and statistics will be expunged. These are times that none of us have seen before and strong leadership needs to be taken. The Management Committee have made the correct decision in my mind and I personally thank them for all their time that has been taken up regarding this.

Finally, we all love playing football, but in reality, we all love our family and friends more. We simply cannot risk anyone catching the coronavirus and by postponing all of our fixtures means it removes one more opportunity of this disease spreading. Please do all you can to stay safe and healthy whilst also considering other peoples health as well.

Be Blessed and stay safe and well.

Neil Kovacs

West Midlands Christian Football League Secretary

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