28th September

Well, now I am a year older I wonder if it will make me wiser and help with my predictions. At the moment it’s not looking too good.

I tipped St Andrews Netherton to win Division One and even though it is early in the season I think that last weeks thumping at the hands of Connect Sports, (who I tipped to be second), has left St Andrews to be a little bit like Tottenham in the Premiership… looking from afar at the title. However, unlike Tottenham, St Andrews could still muster a tilt for the title but their game today is a must win for them and it’s not an easy task with top of the table Saint Michael their visitors. They have played 3, winning all of them by a 1 goal margin, maintaining their good defensive form with another clean sheet in their 1-0 win over Amblecote Nomads last week. They are not a free scoring team and like the Arsenal team of yesteryear seem to be building their season on a strong defence. Will it hold up against the attacking players of St Andrews who, with 1 goal in 2 games appear to be a bit like a spent firework ?

2 games played, 11 goals scored and 6 points in the bag with a big victory in my eyes last week smashing 6 past St Andrews. This is a strong start from Connect Sports, although they did ship in 4 goals in their first match. Is this the Kevin Keegan version of Newcastle United in our League? We will just set out to score loads and see how we do in defence? They come up against a normally resilient team in Charlemont Star who did not play last week. Charlemont have however conceded 5 goals in in their 2 games so far. Should Saint Michael slip up in their game Connect will be waiting to claim top spot in a match where I think they will carry on in their free scoring play.

St Mary’s will also have their eyes fixed on top spot having also played 2, won 2 and in the process overcoming Clarendon a couple of weeks ago. Has my tip for them to finish 5th got them fired up right from the off this season? They host Chawn Hill Church who admitted getting off to a slow start in their first match, a defeat against Corinthians S.K but bounced back with a 3-2 win over City Church last week. If Chawn want to continue progressing into one of the upper echelon of clubs then they simply have to start winning these games but I am certain St Mary’s will see it as a chance to show that they are still one of the main contenders in this Division. Having netted 3 times in both of their games so far this season you simply cannot write them off.

Out of the two promoted teams Corinthians S.K are doing slightly better having managed to get 3 points out of their 3 matches. They lost their first game 1-0 to current league leaders Saint Michael, then beating Chawn as mentioned above. However, last week was a bit of an awakening as they lost 4-1 to Rowley College who in doing so also managed to get their first 3 points of the season. Corinthians come up against a Clarendon side who did not play last week but will be keen to stay in touch with the teams currently at the top. They should still be within striking distance after this match.

Pete’s weekly¬† match reports for Rowley College suggest that they have a vibrant but experienced side when everyone is fit and I know Pete is keen to prove my prediction for them to finish bottom totally wrong. they face the only pointless team in Division 1 hosting Amblecote Nomads who seem to be struggling with the step up from Division Two. Played 3, lost 3, 2 goals for and 7 against is Amblecote Nomads record so far and they are coming up against a team who know where the net is, having scored 10 in their 3 matches. A glimmer of hope for Amblecote is that Rowley have also let in 9 goals in those 3 matches but my mind takes me back to the scene in ‘Return Of The King’ when Pippin asks Gandalf if there was any hope for Frodo. HIs reply ‘There never was much hope, just a fool’s hope’¬† Frodo actually came out on top ! Will Amblecote ?

Not to be outdone by Connect and Rowleys goal scoring prowess in Division One, St Thomas’ Aldridge are absolutely smashing the net so far this season bagging 20 goals in their 3 matches hammering 10 past Living Hope Church United last week. This has also helped them to 3 wins from 3 and because of their ability to find the net means they sit top on goal difference. Next in line for the juggernaut that is St Thomas are Monyhull Church who also know where the net is having scored 10 goals in their 3 games. It’s an interesting game this one. If Monyhull win it tightens things up at the top but if St Thomas win they would create a little bit of breathing space at the top. Can Monyhull stop the juggernaut?

One team who will be keenly looking at the result of the above match are Delph Athletic who currently sit between both teams in 2nd place. Like St Thomas’ they also have a 100% record beating Monyhull in the first game of the season in the process. 3,3,4, no that’s not their formation, (well I don’t think so anyway), but that is the amount of goals Delph have scored in their games, so again, another team who know where the net is. Their 4-1 win last week was against Christ Church Coseley but if Bob’s match report for Christ Church was anything to go on it’s hard to judge that result. Delph host Dudley Lions who managed to get their first 3 points of the season last week with a win over Brierley Hill AOG, the previous week though they narrowly lost 1-2 to St Thomas so they appear to be quite good defensively. Delph will be looking to push on but like Monyhull, Dudley could make it really interesting at the top should they win.

Living Hope Church United have basically been blown away in their last 2 matches letting in 10 against St Thomas last week and 5 the previous week against Monyhull and yet it started so good with a 6-0 win over Brierley Hill AOG in their first week of the season. As mentioned above, Christ Church Coseley were poor last week losing 1-4 to Delph and like Bob who wrote the report I personally expected better than that, especially as I tipped them for the title. Well for those that know these names, Velma, Daphne, Fred and Shaggy you will know that there is one missing and like the result of this match I haven’t got a Scooby Doo !

Two teams with zero points so far face each other so that situation will change. Brierley Hill AOG, coming off a 0-3 defeat to Dudley Lions play Selly Oak Methodist who lost 1-3 to Monyhull Church. This is a weird one to judge because between then they have let 23 goals but only scored 3. Which will come out on top at the end of the game ? The defensive side of each team or the attacking side ? Yet another Scooby Doo match for me.

So, a couple of Scooby Doo matches for me but I am unsure on what this weeks Prediction Challenger makes of all the games above. How I do mine is to do the write up first, then do my predictions and only then look at the challengers forecasts. Thanks to Steve Knight from Chawn Hill Church who sent me his predictions in on Thursday. (It’s been bugging me all day looking at 1 unread message on my phone) finally I can open it at 2.20 am Saturday morning !

28th September, 2019
Neil Kovacs
Division One
Clarendon 4 Corinthians S.K 1
Rowley College 5 Amblecote Nomads 0
Connect Sports 4 Charlemont Star 0
St Andrews Netherton 3 Saint Michael 1
St Marys 3 Chawn Hill Church 2
Division Two
Brierley Hill A.O.G 1 Selly Oak Methodist 3
Christ Church Coseley 4 Living Hope Church Utd 3
Delph Athletic 2 Dudley Lions 2
Monyhull Church 2 St Thomas’ Aldridge 3
Club Secretary (Steve Knight from Chawn Hill Church)
Division One
Clarendon 4 Corinthians S.K 1
Rowley College 3 Amblecote Nomads 2
Connect Sports 3 Charlemont Star 1
St Andrews Netherton 1 Saint Michael 1
St Marys 1 Chawn Hill Church 2
Division Two
Brierley Hill A.O.G 2 Selly Oak Methodist 1
Christ Church Coseley 3 Living Hope Church Utd 1
Delph Athletic 2 Dudley Lions 1
Monyhull Church 3 St Thomas’ Aldridge 4



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