Chawn Hill Church / Athletic – Lee Lloyd

The League would like to ask everyone to pray for the family and friends of Lee Lloyd,30, who sadly passed away on Tuesday. Lee had been part of the League for 13 years starting his playing career within the League for Chawn Hill Athletic and then Chawn Hill Church. He was affectionately know as ‘Chunka’ among the Chawn Hill Lads. Lee was part of the squad who were the First ‘Invincibles’ when winning the Division One title in 2005/2006 remaining unbeaten with Chawn Hill Church. He was a player who it would have been easier to run through a brick wall than through one of his ever competitive tackles. He also had the right attitude in life, not only on the pitch but off it. I know this as a fact because he was not only a player under my guidance but also my nephew. He wore the colours of Chawn Hill proudly and understood what the Club stood for. Lee was a credit to both the Club, the League and himself.

Neil Kovacs

Lee Lloyd

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