Some Basic Information For Clubs Before Applying To Join The League.

Please find below some basic information on applying to join the WMCFL.

All Clubs should be within the West Midlands area.
Clubs must have some link to a Church or Christian organisation and a letter supporting any application to join the League must be accompanied with any application with contact details from the Church or organisation.
The Leadership of the Club should be by Committed Christians who preferably attend Church.
Before considering moving any application forward to the AGM we arrange a meeting with anyone considering joining to discuss what is required to be part of the League and this also gives any interested parties a chance to ask any questions of us. This has been beneficial in the past as some applicants have decided to progress no further once they realise what is involved. We would aim to have this meeting no later than the middle of May as any applicatons must be sent to me by June 1st.
Our League plays on Saturday mornings and you must be prepared to play every week.
We pride ourselves that we are able to appoint 3 match officials to every game meaning that it currently costs £61.00 for these at each match…this cost is divided by both teams meaning each game will cost £30.50 per team per match. (This may be subject to review at this years AGM). There is no option not to have Assistant Referees appointed and to use Club Linesmen. If we have enough officials available we appoint them.
Fixtures are arranged by the League and not by Clubs. Fixtures for the whole season are issued before the start of the season and are on the Leagues web site.
League Matches are played on a Home and Away basis with the normal 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and no points for a defeat.
The criteria for any Cup games is normally decided at the AGM.
All Clubs must have a suitable home venue. The requirements are that it must be an adult sized pitch and goals. The venue must have changing rooms and the venue must have showers.
The League will only deal with the Club Secretary from any Club and will simply ignore anything from anyone else. Therefore, the Club Secretary must be a very responsible person who is able to deal with all administrative matters. (The details of what is expected from a Club Secretary is explained at the meeting).
Current League Fees are:  £10.00 Entry Fee, £20.00 Deposit and £130.00 League Fees.
Any New Club must also pay a £300.00 Bond which will be refunded at the end of the season should there have been no issues regarding the Club during the season. Reasons why it would not be returned would be passing 20 BCFA Disciplinary Points or any reasons why you would have ‘Bought The League Into Disrepute.’ (Once again this would be discussed further at the meeting).
Other expenses are Player Registration Fees which are currently £1.00 per player signed and each Club must purchase 5 tickets for the Cup Final, (£15.00) and Presentation Night, (£25.00).
Any other expenses will be fines that may be applied for failing to run the Club/Administration properly. Obviously, if your Club is run correctly then you will not incur any further costs.
You must also be registered with the BCFA and have insurance, (again this will be explained further at the meeting).
You must have 2 totally different coloured kits….shirts and socks must be different colours but you may get away with the same coloured shorts.
All players must be a minimum of 16 years old to participate. Once someone has turned 16 he can start playing within this League.
The FA Rule regarding ‘Foul, Abusive or offensive behaviour’ is strictly enforced within the League, so if you have players that swear and cannot control it then basically this is not the League for them to play in.
There may be other issues that have not been covered here and that is the point of the meeting. If you have any further queries please reply to me. If you wish to carry on with your interest in joining the League then either use the ‘Contact Us’ section on the web site or alternatively send an email to:
Be Blessed,
WMCFL League Secretary
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