Kovacs’ Kolum 24th April Updated 27th April

April 27th

Due to my shift pattern I’ve had no time to do an update but one scenario that I had not thought of from Saturday was that if scores went the right way then St Mary’s would be Champions by the end of the day. Well, typical of my forecasting this season, that’s exactly what had happened. I was probably so convinced that Clarendon were going to win that I had discounted that possibility! So whilst I was at work and the St Mary’s result had been sent in and they were chasing the result of the Clarendon vs Sheldon game I had a spare 5 minutes and chased the result up. Lyndon from Sheldon confirmed that they had won and speaking with him, it was obvious that they had enjoyed their last game in the League, (in all honesty, who wouldn’t enjoy that result as your last match? It’s like retiring by beating the likes of Chelsea such is the high regard I have for Clarendon). So, result passed on to St Mary’s and time for their celebrations of being crowned Division 1 Champions. Although John Myatt did check I wasn’t winding him up….threatening me with 17 angry men if I was doing so! So St Mary’s be come Champions and do the Double, congratulations to John and his squad of players. Commiserations to Roger and the Clarendon lads, it has been enthralling watch you 2 battle it out and I have no doubt you will be challenging again next. For Sheldon, well it’s been a pleasure having you in the League and whilst you have struggled all season to get your best team out, you have finished a creditable 4th by leapfrogging Halesowen Zion who couldn’t do enough to hold onto that place as they suffered a defeat at the hands of St Mary’s.

St Mary’s wrap the League up with a trip to face City Church on Wednesday Night and whilst it’s highly unlikely there is still one thing to be decided. City Church are currently out of the relegation places but should they suffer a thumping, (a defeat of 9 goals), then would move into the last relegation place. I don’t think that will happen, maybe they might even be the first team to beat St Mary’s this season?

April 24th

The big match over the last 7 days was obviously the League Cup Final on Monday night which St Mary’s won 3-2. A crowd of around 200+ attended and were treated to a very competitive game. The atmosphere was not quite the same that I experienced the day before at Wembly, but as some of us mentioned, how many other Leagues have people from other Clubs in attendance at their Finals? Probably not many. So St Mary’s won the Cup, can they now push on and complete the double? Well, if they do, I believe they will have to win both of their games as I expect Clarendon to follow their 6-1 win over Wolverhampton and Perton Churches last weekend with another comfortable win over Sheldon Community Church. This is Sheldon’s last game in the League and they could still end up 4th! So, can they muster one last win as they bow out? It may be a nice notion for them, but as we all know Clarendon take some stopping and I can’t see that steam roller of theirs halting tomorrow. So 3 more points for Clarendon for me which will mean St Mary’s needing 6 from their last 2 games. Well. their first obstacle is Halesowen Zion who themselves are hoping to seal 4th place but need a win to totally make sure in case Sheldon do get a surprise win. The last game between these 2 teams was only settled by the odd goal with St Mary’s winning 2-1 although they do seem to be finding the net a little bit more in their last few games. I’m not overly confident that St Mary’s will win but that’s what I will tip. I’ve only just noticed that should St Mary’s fail to win and Clarendon do, then the Clarendon lads will be crowned as Champions tomorrow. I bet there will be some people looking at the front page for the updated results. Just to keep you on tenterhooks lads, I’m at work and James is in Nigeria on a family matter so i’m not sure when it will get updated!! (Refresh, refresh refresh)! Hahaha.

Division 2 was completed last week and Monyhull Church did indeed overcome Dudley Lions on the day with an emphatic 5-0 win and in doing so have ended up as Runners Up. Fair play to those young lads who in previous seasons have suffered defeat on a regular basis, suffering 17 defeats in the 23 games they played last season. So what a transformation. Once again, well done lads. Brierley Hill AOG failed to muster up the 1 point that would have lifted them off bottom but it was a close run thing with them only losing 1-0 to Selly Oak Methodist. The last game to mention was Zion City’s 3-0 defeat of Corinthians SK. A game that had nothing riding on it except a little bit of pride on the day.

So there we have it. Division 2 completed and Division 1 heading into injury time with just 3 matches left. I have spent some time updating the Individual Club Pages with their Player Of The Season where I can, but for those that are not yet done, it will be because I have not yet received all of the paperwork required!


(Anyone have 4 tickets to the FA cup Final going spare by the way? 32,000 fans at the Semi and only 25,000 for the Final)!!

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