Kovacs’ Kolumn 17th April

2 huge wins for St Mary’s over the past seven days has them top of the pile again but Clarendon can regain it whilst St Mary’s have an enforced week off. (It’s a League Instruction that any team who reaches the Cup Final will not play on the Saturday prior to that game. The rationale being that in previous years players have been injured during the match before the Final and have no chance of playing 2 days later. Sometimes you only get 1 chance to appear in a Final and it was decided that if we as a League could help players to achieve this then we would…hence the decision made). Anyway, back to the Title Race. St Mary’s have given themselves a huge boost hitting the net 13 times in the last 2 games whilst only letting 2 in. I can’t see it coming down to goal difference but they have given themselves a boost by firstly beating Sheldon 7-2 and then following it up mid week by winning 6-0 at W’ton & Perton with Luke Wiedeman banging in 5 goals on the night. The 2 teams that St Mary’s have beaten are Clarendon’s opponents in their last 2 matches with W’ton & Perton being first up. So, a win for Clarendon will put them back on top but will they also be going gung ho for loads of goals in case it does come down to goal difference. Well in all honesty, I only see Clarendon winning both of their last 2 games meaning that goal difference will not matter. So for me, it will be a win for Clarendon by around 3 goals. With W’ton & Perton being the only game in Division 1 we move onto Division 2 and this weekend will see that Division completed. It’s been a strange season for this Division with Clubs leaving and fixtures having to be totally rejigged. So on a personal level, I will be glad that it’s finished. But there are still 3 matches to be played and all of them still have some importance to them. Zion City play Corinthians SK in a game that Zion need to win to make sure they finish 4th, a draw may be enough though depending on goal difference if Dudley Lions win. It may seem that 4th place is really nothing to play for but the make up of the next seasons Divisions is rarely as simple as 3 up and 3 down. It all depends on if any new teams enter the League and if any leave. As always, the Divisional structure is decided at the League’s AGM by the Club Secretaries and it has happened previously that 4th place has been promoted, so still all to play for. Having said all that I do really only see a Zion City win over Corinthians which will leave them 4th. I actually thought they were certainties for promotion pre season along with Renewal Solihull and Wednesbury Baptist but it’s been a strange year. So why was I wrong on that? Well 1 name sums that up….Monyhull Church! I never in my wildest dreams thought they would be near the top and in a promotion spot. But fair play to those lads and the Management of the Club. Well, they have achieved a promotion spot, but can they put the icing on the cake and finish 2nd? To do so, they need a win, as a draw will not be enough. Dudley Lions stand in their way and their current form is also quite good having taken 7 points from the last 9 available. I actually thought Renewal Solihull would win Division 2 before the season started, so I was wrong on that score. But I think Monyhull will draw with Dudley and Renewal will be runners up. On to my last forecast for Division 2 this season and it’s Selly Oak Methodist versus Brierley Hill AOG in a match where the Hill lads simply need 1 point to get off the bottom! Will they get it? Nope! Selly Oak have bagged 3 wins on the bounce and I fully expect them to make that 4 to mark a tremendous turn around for their season.

Away from the Divisional football we have our League Cup Final this coming Monday night. Information is already on the site regarding the teams and match officials but there is one last thing to add. I can now confirm who will be presenting the Trophies on the night. It is someone who has done a lot over the years for the League and I for one am really pleased he is doing this. Who is it?

Well folks, it’s our old pal Ed Walker the previous e-Secretary and notably remembered for his Ed’s Eye pages.



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