Kovacs’ Kolumn 3rd July – Moved To Header

There has been a review of the web site over the past couple of months and following feedback from some Club Secretaries and other people who have contacted the League using the contact option the site has undergone some changes. Probably the most noticeable change at the moment is the Kovacs’ Kolumn section of the site. This used to be in the news scroller section but we have now moved this so that it now has it’s own Header Section at the top of the Home Page and this is where you will click to see any updates in the Kolumn.

I will be putting snippets from your match reports in here, (maybe even the full reports), so please help me with this by sending me in some stuff from your games each week. This Kolumn is very hard work and the more contributions that I receive then the better it becomes. If you have any Church events etc that you wish to have us place on the site then please feel free to let us know what is happening with your Church. What I have decided that I won’t do is to just have the Kolumn aimlessly spouting my own viewpoint out, if that is the case then unfortunately the site will revert to a simple information based site. (Something I hope we all don’t wish to happen). As Pete Bennett from Rowley says, it would be nice for him to read about what’s happening in the rest of the League rather than just see his reports on Rowley every week. The more input the better on what is an evolving Kovacs’ Kolumn.

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