Kovacs’ Kolumn 6th December

So a 12 hour night shift completed followed by some lovely scenery on the way home, topped off by seeing the sun rise above the hills on white over fields. Now my forecast the other week that the games would be rained off was miles off the mark but I am very optimistic that most of the games will take place today allowing for the fact that kick off time can be delayed until 10.50am allowing a further 20 minutes for pitches to thaw. Sometimes decisions are made too hastily on days like today where there has been a mild frost but nothing drastic. (Let’s see how correct I am with this as I have already been informed that 1 match is off, a decision made around 8.15am!).

I need some sleep so todays forecasting will be much like the Sky Sports Panellists with a quick verdict on each game. I will try and do a write up on last weeks games later on today/tomorrow. So no rationale as to why I’m going for these predictions but I know some of you are looking out for them.

St Thomas’ Aldridge vs Sheldon Community Church…….Away banker for certain

St Mary’s vs Halesowen Zion……Could be a slip up here if they are not focused but I’m going for a home win

Connect Sports vs Charlemont Star…. Connect need to rediscover their form but I’m going for an away win

Wolverhampton & Perton Churches vs Zion Athletic….. Loads of goals in this one, away win

Chawn Hill Church vs City Church…..chance for City to get some points against a Club in change of personnel? Home win

Saint Michael vs Rockmount…..depends on who turns up for Rockmount after last week, away win

Maple Leaf Rovers vs Selly Oak Methodist…unsure on this as Maple are doing well but Selly Oak seem to be improving, draw

Hawbush vs Zion City…..Zion have been unpredictable lately, (or I’m just rubbish at forecasting!), but an away win for me

Corinthians SK vs Brierley Hill AOG…..2 teams who on the day can play well and win, home win

Monyhull Church vs Sandwell United…..Sandwell had a cracking result last week, can they get their first win? Yes, away win

Renewal Solihul vs Dudley Lions….my stalking horses faltered last week, will they do so again? Home win


So there you have it, a very quick forecast of todays games, I’m sure some of you will be out to prove me wrong. 1 manager said my Kolumn does his team talk for him…made me laugh!

Take care on the roads today folks.

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