Kovacs’ Kolumn Review 15th March + Preview 22nd March

Hi Folks, so much to write about from last week and so much to discuss for this coming week. Unfortunately folks, I just have not had, or have got the time to do last weeks Review or this weeks Preview. My shift pattern and Fatherly duties have meant I haven’t had any spare time all week and probably none until Monday. So my apologies to those of you who do have a look at my column each week, but I thought it best to inform you of no input this week to save you keep looking. I’m hoping to have almost completed my Fatherly Duties, (labourer, builder, plumber, tiler, bathroom installer, (if you have children, you know how it goes!), by next week, so all being well the ‘Kolumn’ should be back up and running for a Preview of next weeks games. If possible I will write a review for 15th and 22nd early next week.

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