Match Report – 22nd February

Once again, thanks to Pete Bennett from Rowley for his match report.

Corinthians S.K 1 vs 6 Rowley College

As I’ve been away in floody Herefordshire, I missed todays’s encounter so this report will be short and based on ‘hearsay’! Mark wanted it to be known that despite the score (and we may have had more), Corinthians are a good side but as with a good many young and/or promoted clubs they play very open which is great for the spirit of the game but means that against well-organised teams you tend to ship goals and therefore need to score plenty. Though our best spell was the opening 20 minutes in which we did everything but score, Corinthians having weathered the storm then had a couple of chances, one well saved by Jamie, which could have made the game very different. As it was we then scored three in ten minutes or so and the game swang our way. Even then a good shot just before half time sent them in at 1-3 and with hope. Luckily for us two more goals just after half time killed them off. Everybody was decent for us but the four forward players caught the eye, sharing the 6 goals: two for Fowler, a good one from Josh, a chest in from Jack and two from our m-o-t-m Jake. Excellent also from Michael Clarke the ref.

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