Preview 31st October Matches

This weeks plans mean an early preview for tomorrows matches and a limited one at that. last weeks review was brief but covered mainly included within the Match Reports that were published earlier in the week. I will issue the following reminder before I do the preview.


30th October – League Requirement

Before leaving home to attend a match, players (or parents/ guardians on behalf of) and staff members should assess whether they have any symptoms of COVID-19, for example, a high temperature or fever, a new continuous cough, new unexplained shortness of breath, loss of taste, or smell etc.

Anyone showing any of the above symptoms should stay home and not attend any sessions when they are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or have had close contact with a person with COVID-19.

******* League Instruction – NO CHANGING ROOMS TO BE USED *******

As the world continues to come to terms with whatever is going on with Covid it pinged into my mind how good it is to have football back and some sort of normality in the world. So, whatever your participation tomorrow, enjoy it, even if you are losing. To quote Pete from Rowley recently, “This is disappointing but it’s still better than a trip in a mask to the Merry Hill!”

It was a bit of a shock to the system when news of Clarendon’s win over Connect Sports filtered through last week, especially as I had initially misread it and put it as a 12-3 win to Connect ! Another shock was not that St Andrews’ Netherton had beaten Rowley College but the size of the defeat, a thumping 12-0. There was a time when results like this happened regularly but not of late.

With Clarendon, who moved into 2nd place with that win, and Connect Sports not playing this week this gives St Andrews the chance to extend the gap at the top of the table. Their opposition tomorrow? Rowley College again! Not sure what the Rowley mindset will be for this one but whatever it is I am sure that it will not be enough to prevent another defeat.

I tipped Chawn Hill Church to finish 2nd but this is looking doubtful now. However, they could move into 2nd place tomorrow should they overcome Saint Michael who have yet to get any points, but they have only played 2 matches. I am going for a home win here.

Charlemont Star host City Church in what both teams will be thinking is a winnable one for them. Not a lot of goals going forward for either team but both do let in a few. This one could be any scoreline! Initially I was going for a low scoring match but as I type this I have changed my mind and also changed my winner of this encounter.

Tomorrow’s matches will mean a third of the season will have been played and I reckon this is where things will take more shape and none more so than in Division 2.

Monyhull Church are setting the pace this season and clubs need to keep them closer than they currently are. There is a pack of clubs chasing them but Monyhull need to be reigned back to keep it close. Can Delph Athletic do this tomorrow? It is within their capabilities but I think that the Monyhull steam train will keep on chugging along for another week.

Christ Church Coseley are one of those team in the chasing pack and they will look to be closing the gap as they come up against Brierley Hill A.O.G who have lost their opening 3 matches. It’s an away win for me here.

A look at the table shows that Selly Oak Methodist are also in that pack and like Christ Church currently sit on 7 points. They will also be aiming to move onto 10 points as they come up against Living Hope Church United. So Selly Oak are 2nd on 7 points but have a minus 4 goal difference, not sure if it’s just me but that looks strange. My mindset says they will still have a minus goal difference after tomorrows fixture but will have 10 points.

St Thomas’ Aldridge are still a puzzle to me this season, averaging 2 goals both ways per game so far. If they are really going to challenge this season I reckon it must start this weekend. They come up against a good team in Dudley Lions who sit mid-table on 6 points from their 3 games. I think this match will be a measure of where both teams will be come seasons end.

Things being what they are on a personal level this weekend means my time is limited. I try to have an open window of an hour to enter the results, etc each week. Delays in receiving information delays this. I hope to be able to let you know the results asap but there may be some delay. It’s a fluid situation as I am unsure on what tomorrow brings. I also need to do an update on the Prediction Challenge, this will be done on Sunday. As for that, well….

Thanks to Lee McGahan from Christ Church Coseley for being this weeks Prediction Challenger.

31st October, 2020
Neil Kovacs
Division One
Charlemont Star 3 City Church 4
Chawn Hill Church 3 Saint Michael 1
Rowley College 2 St Andrews’ Netherton 8
Division Two
Brierley Hill A.O.G 0 Christ Church Coseley 3
Dudley Lions 2 St Thomas’ Aldridge 2
Monyhull Church 4 Delph Athletic 2
Selly Oak Methodist 3 Living Hope Church Utd 2
Club Secretary (Lee McGahan from Christ Church Coseley)
Division One
Charlemont Star 2 City Church 3
Chawn Hill Church 3 Saint Michael 1
Rowley College 1 St Andrews’ Netherton 6
Division Two
Brierley Hill A.O.G 0 Christ Church Coseley 4
Dudley Lions 3 St Thomas’ Aldridge 1
Monyhull Church 3 Delph Athletic 2
Selly Oak Methodist 4 Living Hope Church Utd 2


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