Season Round Up + Some Pics!!!

Technical issues and my shift pattern at work delayed what I had hoped to post last Sunday, but better late than never. So here goes.

Last weeks Division One Cup gave the League chance to present at least a few of the awards that have been won this season. We will deal with the actual match on the day itself with Clarendon adding to their trophy haul with a narrow 2-1 win over City Church. The match itself was a great advert for our league with some nice football being played with chances for both sides. Clarendon edged it 2-1 but City had chances to have won this match. That being said, their goalkeeper, Chris Chattaway, made 3 world class saves. In fact, he made a fantastic double save but couldn’t stop a 3rd effort which gave Clarendon their second goal. For this performance Chris was rightly named Man Of The Match.

So, we wrapped up a strange season with the Division One Cup. Strange season or not, some things never change. One of them being Clarendon picking up a trophy. Here they are with their award.

City Church gave Clarendon a tough match and here is their after match team photo.

At half time the League managed to give out another couple of awards. The first of these being the award of the Division One Champions. Darren Appleby, the Referee’s Secretary presented the trophy to Dave Challoner, the Club Secretary of St Andrews’ Netherton who won 10 out of 10 matches to clinch the title.

Another award that was made at half time was the Fair Play Award, with the winners of this award proving that you can win a title and do so in a sporting manner. St Andrews’ Netherton picked up only 4 cautions all season and here we have Dave Challoner and Matt Wright with the award. Speaking to both of them at the match it was refreshing to hear that they were really pleased with winning this award. In fact they seemed more pleased with this than winning the actual title itself. This impressed me massively as it shows the understanding that they have about what the League itself stands for and its expectations of all who participate within it. Well done ALL at St Andrews’ Netherton.

Dave and Matt also collected the Leading Goal Scorer Award on behalf of Shawn Devopnport, again from St Andrews’ Netherton. Whilst not pictured with them, Clarendon were also awarded their Division One Runners Up Medals following the match.

The final award in Division 1 for this season belongs to Remmel Johnson from Clarendon who was the Division One Player Of The Season.

Unfortunately, there was no one in attendance from Division Two to pick up any of the awards for that Division. But I will take this chance to congratulate Monyhull Church on becoming Champions of Division Two and also congratulate Selly Oak Methodist on finishing Runners Up. (It was confirmed at last weeks A.G.M that both teams will be participating in Division 1 next season with all 6 current Division 1 teams making up a Division of 8 teams. Division 2 will be made up of the 6 remaining teams plus 3 new teams who will be entering next season, Excel Church, Real Riverside and St Johns).

Rounding off Division Two sees the awards for Player Of The Season and Top Goal Scorer. As indicated in my previous post, it’s a good job I recheck things as I had initially only thought one person had won Player Of the Season. However, it is my pleasure to say that 2 people have won it. Dan Douse from Dudley Lions and Owen Sprigg from Living Hope Church United both sealed it in their teams last match of the season. On the morning of their matches there were 8 contenders for this but both of them were awarded it for their match that day so congratulations to both of them.

Dan Douse made it a double for himself by also winning the award for Leading Goal Scorer, again, congratulations to him on this achievement.

That’s everything covered I believe apart from the Prediction Challenge for the season. I’ve yet to even find time to look at this, despite saying I would find time to do so. (Just not been possible). However, I will give the result on this before England play tomorrow night.

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